Friday, February 25, 2011

My first attempt at painting a World Eater Chaos Lord...the revenge...part 2

Hello and welcome back to the worst blog on the internets! I have returned, ribbed for your pleasure. As I stated before I am a huge fan of the Warhammer 40k universe and, most importantly, the models. Previously, I had been playing the Chaos Space Marines Death Guard legion of Plague Marines, however, after a couple consecutive loses I've decided to jump off defense and go for the gold...and red...lots of red. BLOOD RED!! ("Cue the SLAYER music!")

Last week I was asked to do an informative speech which could also include a "How to" on something. So, being the consummate nerd that I am, I picked How to Paint World Eaters. To which I had no previous experience. I knew how to paint white Plague Marines to death, but no idea where to begin with World Eaters.

White Plague Marine
So here is what I found is the best way to paint a World Eater (post heresy)

Let's start out with some white primer. I thought black was the best way to go...but I think white makes the colors and the detail just pop.

 White Primer
See, doesn't that look nice? With the black primer, maybe it's my eyes, I can't see any of the details! So this helps immensely. Next, let's do some base coating. THE most time consuming thing ever!!! I am going to look into buying a spray gun for faster base coating...I just don't want to spend 3.5 hours on one I did with this one. Ok, grab some Mechrite Red foundation paint and hit all the armor. I stayed away from the armor trim and the weapons...I'm sure some people just do the entire model...this is how I did it.

Mechrite Lord
So there's the first layer. Next, give it a hit with some Badab Black Wash. 
Washes are my friend. I REALLY love washes...even though they have a fish like smell to Anyway that wash makes everything really pop. It gets into all the recesses and brings out all the details. Next, hit the model with some Scab Red...gross.
Almost the same color as Mechrite Red but helps cut the black wash on the model...whatever that means...Moving right along. Apply a layer of Blood Red...blood for the blood god and all that.

Starting to look like a warrior of Khorne now! So highlight it up with some Shining Gold! I did all the trim and allot of the icons with gold.

There we go. I used two layers of gold just to cover up any gaps I left behind on my first layer. You will also see that I painted the horns gold in the next picture as well as some other details...but I'm rambling. Next grab your Boltgun Metal and do up the weapons and extra chains or hoses that you want.
There we go! Finally, hit that bad boy with a black wash again all over and you got yourself...

...a proper Lord of Khorne. I haven't painted the icon or the helmet he's standing on yet but i wanted to do just the Lord for my presentation. I know some of the lines are not as clean as they should be, but I was in a hurry to finish this project. Also, as time goes on I am sure I'll get better each time. I hope you learned something! It's 6 minutes until I have to leave for work so I will leave you with this brief word: Sasquabidallion.

-Mr. V.

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