Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Necrons are Coming! Or, How I Relearned to Model, Paint, and Play 40K.

Hello everyone, it's been quite a long time since I've posted on the blog and I apologize for that. Life always seems to get in the way. School, work, and a family always seems to get in the way of whats really important in life, and that's gaming. So if I still have any active follower, thanks for not removing this blog. With that being said lets start, what I hope, is the first of many posts about my death and rebirth as an enthusiastic WarGamer. Enjoy.

As many of you may or may not know, I am an avid fan of the Chaos Marines. I love them. I love them like a lonely farmer loves sheep. Well, maybe not THAT much. I do, however, love them enough to have made them my first army. And when I say I made them my first army I mean I bought a battle force of them because I loved their back story and of course their looks. I bought that expensive ass battleforce (still worth the $90 in my opinion) on a whim. What followed was a catastrophe. In my infinite wisdom I didn't bother to pick up a codex or any sort of HQ or anything like that. I just wanted to paint the minis. As it turned out...I sucked at painting. I used Testors model paint to paint my basic CSMs and they turned out terrible. The detail was almost lost and some seemed to have no necks. It was bad. I looked up to the figures I saw on the GW site and on These were crap.

Aside from the terrible no necked traitor marines, I couldn't put a list together at all. My buddy @JD_Sampson got me a nice print out of the codex but I had never bothered to actually read the main rule book. I threw together stupid lists that were so far from legal it wasn't even funny. Entire armies of Terminators with no HQ, ugh, it was ugly. As time rolled on I learned the Force Organizational Charts and how to gradually build a respectable army. Well, sort of. The internet can be a font of information. Information and porn...and some really generic lists. After many loses I needed to find some sort of coalescing theme to my army. So I started making some Death Guard themed marines...that didn't work. So I made some World Eaters, that didn't work either. Then I combined the two...I got a couple wins. Out of the 12 times I've actually played my record stood at 2-10. I am terrible. Hence the whole Dreaded Gamer monicker. Anyway, I began looking on sites like Dakka Dakka and Bolter and Chainsword and found a few lists. Boring...BORING lists. Load up on Plague Marines or Berzerkers in a Rhino, rush into combat, lather, rinse, repeat. I got no where with that.

So a sad sad man watched as my two gaming buddies got shiny new codexes and armies and I got the crappy codex that is the CSMs. I realize that it was my skills for the most part that lead to losses for sure. But having some nice new figures and special rules doesn't hurt either. So here is where I send my battered and bruised Chaos buddies back to the warp (at least until March when a rumored new legions codex is supposed to occur) and hung my head in shame.

Until last week that is. My other favorite army: The Necrons got their own new shiny codex and a boat load of new shiny plastic figures. So, here is my proposal. I completely relearn how to play. From the ground up. Reread the rule book, learn my codex inside and out, and finally learn the proper way to paint figures. I desperately want to be a decent gamer and, as I joined this niche market to paint the models, become adept at customizing my army. So here in lies my promise to you dear readers. I will bring you on my journey to relearn EVERYTHING. Join me wont you? Let us see how an almost 30 year old man struggles to grasp rules that 8 year olds understand. Watch and laugh as I struggle to even prime my figures! It'll be a hoot! Here's to weeks of laughing at my pain! Cheers!

-Mr. V.


  1. Many places on the Internet that can help you collect, model, paint and play effectively. Good luck!

  2. Well sure there are some decent and good lists. But I would guess that 95% are just the generic list. For example most of the lists for Death Guard I saw were. 2 Daemon Princes both with wings and warptime. 4 squads of 7 Plague Marines with 2xMeltas in a rhino. Etc etc. Most of the lists I saw were like that. But, from now on I'm gonna play for fun.Sure winning is cool but I would like to try and make something that no one else uses. The best place to talk about strategies, armies, and lists is twitter.